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more, thanks PENNY
Saturday, August 16 2003 - 17:01 by pc Reply

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

my heart POUNDED thru 4 hours of
'viewing your site' [double meaning]
Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera
i saved and will cherish 158 pictures.[+updates]

oh penny. that redread, Heart joni Heart , was sew hot.
bet she tasted like 'wild cherry'.
like your's, her hair was 'smooth'!
when your grabbed her hair and
looked me straight in the eye,
whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Tongue
i no u were thinkin Lightbulb
'if pc were only here' no lol

oppion=drunk party girl page could be removed

ditto on spanking [eyez don't git'it]
i remmember your spanking date gone bad, story..
first time i wanted to punch zumboody on/through the net.
[the other time was anya's'dick']

now the 'BDSM ', with the LONGHAIR WHIP,,
i could dew [with you] Wink

WHAT A WOMAN Present Present
you even have a [not you]
[we need to talk,,,,,,,,later Dude Hug Heart Girl Hug ]

CAREFULL not to cut your hair, or 'kittie', while shaving!!
great set!
What You're Talkin' About u realize how 'close' and personal we just got. Confused

LOVED the way 'kittie' smiled in the nylons Big Smile

let me describe a pic:
ginger squating, bearly, on the face of
another lhblonde who's head is leaning off the couch.
i'm talkin DOUBLE LONG BLONDE HAIR Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!
gingerhill was HOTHOTHOT with asia c. , 2.

say ''hay'' to gina, 4me. i won't 4git u/her
letting me in her, wer'd'it'go?, site..a 'post thanks'.
i o ya'll 1. whind yawl want it?

shame. jill cannon retired on the 1st. Sad
closed her site..... Broken Heart .....[save those pics]

Rainbow says it all

Heart these eyezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WOW! Sun

why is my password 'Access Denied' at your cam thingy?

where's the 'archieve' button?? Wink

i'll have'ta get the clips, 2 at a time.
unless zumboody knows a better way.. Sad

Star Star Star Star Star
i feel like i got my money's worth, JUST, with the pics.
Penny is just SO DAMN GOOD LOOKING,,man,,whewwwww
the movies and live cam shows and xxxpected updates
are a real bonus. look at the names i'm gittin,,2..
the only other site that i was a member 2 was Leah's.
if i gave Leah's a ''10'' i would give Penny's a ''9''.
[leah did GREAT hairjobs,,BUTT,,now she's gone......]

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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