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Re: Web Hosting Glitch Resolved
Saturday, August 16 2003 - 1:42 by pc Reply

i new it.
figered it was the virus/worm thingy.
i was 'in', first thang dis a.m.
4 a short short.

doesn't it make u fell like smashing zumtin?

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

thanks 4 the up^date.
ain't ,even, changin da pic at PCs

your post, thar=
9:41 am
sea ur members/vip side, a.m.

tell me a way to get more than
just one pic to load at a time.
say i wantta go slop the hogs,,
can i use a pic grabber program
to get the series and view/admire
them when 'chores' r dun?

r how bout

making a post at PCs,BBUUTT, never
going pass 'PREVIEW POST'
ninja's 'tools' button would
do the same thang,,BUTT,,easyer..
i no your password thang would
stop them, anyway
i'm just not that kinda guy Wink
Heart pc
[reply at PCs,, if u want 2 reply]
[will talk to u a.m.,, anyway]

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