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Web Hosting Glitch Resolved
Friday, August 15 2003 - 16:51 by Leona
Leona's Website: Leona's LongHairPortraits.Com

Smiley To all of you, especially PC, who have seen and are aware of the technical difficulties my website has had the past two days, I wanted to inform you of the problems/progress that are taking place:

FIRST...our hosting company WiseHosting.Net is apparently having major technical difficulties...first accidentally allowing our "back door" to open on its own at 1:17 AM ET August 13, 2003. Our Webmaster became aware of the glitch and immediately closed the portal.

SECOND....for reasons that we have not a clue....there is a message posted at our website this morning showing "Bandwidth Exceeded' for the second time this month, which is not even technically possible, since we run on a dedicated server.

THIRD....effective immediately, our domain has been transferred to MediaBasics.Net, one of the most reputable and upstanding hosting services on the market (home to Bayer International give you an idea of their dependability and integrity).

Due to the malfunctions and actions we took today to resolve any future problems for our members and friends, we ARE temporarily off-line until all the files can be transferred to MediaBasics.Net....HOWEVER, we WILL be BACK within 24 hours!

Thank you for your understanding AND your wonderful support :-) !


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    Web Hosting Glitch Resolved    by: Leona   (August 15 2003 - 16:51 CET)
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