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Sunday, August 10 2003 - 3:18 by pc Reply

i'm searchin 4 Heart PENNY LYNN Heart
let's sea watt cums up=
you'll never be charged a single penny
it's worth every penny
Penny Loafers
Department of Anatomy and Histology.
Dr Penny Lynn, Research Officer
A Penny Saved . . . .
Lynn Penny of San Anselmo, Calif.,

finally , on page 24 of
page 28
YOU name a name

let me try my 'Copernic pro' search browser.[frum kazaa]
it highlites the name in yellow.
[gonna throw in a little trivia and such]
me 2.
hook line and

1st,,b4 next link
yawl have set your settings to stop
dialers/tool bars/etc'etc
[link frum trich] DO THIS! believe works[4now]
just takes a few minutes

pop-upz here. click NO on the security thang
i'm sew proud Wink
my fav club Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!
new and improved Star Star Star Star Star

A ''Penny'' was Stuck For 4 months in a Young Girls Throat
... She was pretty cranky for a long time,
but she's smiling and energetic again."
''Lynn'' and her husband, Cliff, have put
the ''penny'' on display on a fireplace.

other goodies i found=
clik models
[love the sunrise pic]
wander if penny did that big bend shoot?
click galleries ,, then steve, u click scotland

penny,,i don't care what u think of me,,cause,, I LOVE YOU Kiss

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

how could i not?

i'm really sorry about our past.
can u 4give me?
sorry,,,,i really DEW care what u think
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