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Yeah, them too!
Monday, July 28 2003 - 0:19 by 2d1 Reply

I joined on the 3 day trial. The pictures are good quality but small. Also there are not a lot of pics. The movies are lower res, shooting on the vids is unprofessional (2.5 out of 10), editing is unprofessional (1 out of 10). The vids are a little better than par for this kind of thing.

 Entire Thread for: A few new LH samples    by: 2d1   ( July 25 2003 - 22:57 CET)
    what about...    by: ninja   (July 28 2003 - 0:06 CET)
    Yeah, them too!    by: 2d1   (July 28 2003 - 0:19 CET)

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