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4 indy
Thursday, July 24 2003 - 1:37 by pc Reply

Samantha Idol
[not tested clips]
couldn't find any pics...

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

all you neebees need to surf at PCs, 2.
lots of longhair links, pics, and a little
'panting' among friends.

let me post this, again:

go to
at very top of page , click REGISTER.

[next page]

user registration
Register a Global User Account



To register, just fill out the two sections below, agree to our terms and click the "Register My Global Account" button. You will then be sent an email with account validation instructions.

Desired User Name [minimum 5 characters]

Desired Password [minimum 5 characters]

Enter Desired Password Again

[remember/notepad this shit. bout once a month u will
get a 're-enter your shit' page]

Your Secret Question [just 1 answer]
Choose something only you know... My first pet's name?[m.doria]
The city was I born in?[bumfuck]

Email Address [give 1 you can go check, right then]

Enter Email Address Again [i have had no spam frum ezboards]

First Name[whatever, they don't care]
Last Name ['']
Address ['']
City [,,BUTT,, here,,they will check to sea if zip'code matches]
[grab any peice of junk mail at put 'that' there]
Zip Code US Residents Only
State or Province
Birth Month / Birth Year [over 18,,duh]
ex: 09/75 Gender
Male Female [both?lol!]

[uncheck this]
Yes! I want to receive messages and special offers from ezboard's advertising partners.

[check this]
Please read our Terms of Use and check the box below if you agree to the terms.

[click] Register My Global Account

they will instantly send you a e-mail.
it will have a link you have to click to
activate your account. [it will add the cookies you need to
get into PCs.]

hassell,,,eye no,,BUTT,, your 1 click away,,SEW,, add
this url to your favorites list. [or the general discussion page]
[this 'join' thang really does help keep
the spammerz out and sites can't follow u
back to PCs. cool,huh.]

the New And Improved 'NINJA'S' will bee the same way!!

1st time there u maybee asked 4 your
user name/password
and to beecum an active member
you need to make a
''HOWDY,,i made it'' post
''here's the, 1,000, Michele Doria pics that everyboody
has been looking for!'' yea,,,right,,,eyez wish,,LOL

cum on over!
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