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herz help
Tuesday, July 1 2003 - 1:24 by lhlover12 Reply

if you had a site that would give it a
.jpg url,,u could put it there,,BUTT,, u can't upload
to a forum.

i just came frum look at a update at
she says she's starting her ''own'' site.
better than
we'll sea..........

where was eyez??
0 yea:
go upload your pics here
you can put them in an album that you create
you can put them in one of PCs albums[he won't mind]
[put the in an album, though, and leave the
main photo page 4 peeny]

after you'v joined,,check out all the pics. WOWOWOW!!!
now open PCs folder and click
''add photo''
if you just add 5 r 6, it's eazy.
if you add 50 r sew, you have to
download a program that makes it all EZ.

go check it out and return with your report.

1 more
aww, watt da hek
enjoy and report back with findings,,OK?

right click this pic.
click properties.
that's where the pic is located and
what i typed in to get it here.

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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