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strip club
Sunday, May 11 2003 - 20:49 by pc Reply

man,,i just got zum hellazious pop-ups
getting in ninja's. hummmmmmm

till everyboody gets thar
[zum still having problems]

my todays post at PCs:

x-cuse me a minute while i jot these down
i'm'a'gon'a dew some serious pics saving, here,
after i post


eyez stopped by the strip club
on the way home, lazz nite.
[man,,eyez had a GREAT hair day, yesterday]
let me slip u in zum backdoors , 2 get
off of the 'beatin' path, /n/ tell u about 'it'.
[most willbee ''u-surfs'' dew to lack of time]

i'm slippin!!
there was one dancer with SHORT hair
that really got my a^t^t^e^n^t^i^o^n
[ eyes fantacized it was long, of course]

she 'pointed' her clit in my face and said ''LICK!!''
i did!,!,and when she got through dancing
she stopped by my chair and said
''i didn't think you would do it.!.''
we laughed...
cum frum
[click a folder and then click members folders]

picture this:
6, america indians, sittin at a table in the back.
all had longhair to their butt.
one was FEMALE.

zeemz they brought her there to dance.
and she FINALLY did. man was she EROTIC!!
she was dancing 4 her friends,,BUTT,, i looked.

she loved her hair [me too]
allways touching/caressing it to her body.

each one of her friends tipped her
and got to sea/touch EVERYTHANG.

[click around]

the last guy really got it.
she unzipped he pants,,stuck her hair in there,,
and very-slowly pulled it out.
[don't no bout him,,BUTT,, made me HARD]

she got a standing ovation 4 that trick[double-meaning]
wonder if they were her brothers??

the amazing thing was
all 6 of them had the exact same hair.
she was playing with their's azz much azz hers.

[don't skip '1']

an other amazing thang was
they all drank DrPepper'z [like me]

she had one guys hair stuck in her pussy and
was pulling on it.


another one she had his hair in her mouth
and was pulling on it. forced his face right 'thar'

i 4git how i got here,,BUTT,,chanta
don't click shit unless u want to join

man,,i would have licked the 'P' right out
of this indian,,BUTT,,she wasn't taking other tips.

this is azz close azz i can CUM
to what she looked like,,BUTT,, she was about 20
[click back]

I WISH we all could meet at a strip-club in Cancun
[steve wood say ''russia'']
and spend a week/$10,000


nawwwwww, let's meet in h00tersville. lol

click back

don't anyboody be a ''sore-azz'' because
i post ''u-surf'' links
B cause
''u don't hav'ta surf'em''
i'm just pointing the way to,
pussable, more longhair

speekin of
click next//home

dew click the 1st ''1''
stop at ''9''

love lateena'z. let's meet thar

todays backdoor-open links were brought to you by
[caution:zum had pop-upz n bad links]

now to go back to the first and save those pics
then surf'cat'sup at PCs. [will take me a week]
thanks 2 all, for the postin.[here at ninja's,,2]

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