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Sunday, May 11 2003 - 16:41 by pc Reply

BUTT,,cents i allready had this typed out:

i azzum u don't YAHOO.
u need to YAHOO, man. these
streetshot are doodlysquat
compared to other pics at yahoo.
[friends might appreciate, though]

i need a new ''ID'' at yahoo,,anyway,,SEW,,

i clicked sign-out[i'm at wild4hair]

4 those at PCs:
open in new window[shift/click link]
sew u can refer back to this page 4 help

Get FREE email with SpamGuard!
Sign up now


Loaded with Great Features Free 4MB storage
State-of-the-art spam protection
Advanced virus protection
Sign Up Now

fill in blanks
[i'm gonna be=bfishing123-********]
uncheck all the addvertising stuff at bottom12

submit this form

next page
Install Yahoo! Companion toolbar and set Yahoo!
Mail as your default mail program.
[unless u want this azz your default]


zap! there is your new e-mail page
add it to your favorites list.

welllllll, crap. i 4 got steve protected his group.
you probably allready did yahoo,,LOL,,well,,i
can't stop now. newbees learn frum us..
''Sorry, this group is available to members ONLY.
You are not allowed to access this group.''

STEVE,,send this chap an invite,,OK

sumtin2dew in the meantime

meet Maliyah
click the 'JOIN dis GROUP'' button
check ''no e-mails''[unlezzUwant]
click ''JOIN''
now : HAVE FUN

uno penny?

how bout,,DEJA CHAN

testing my memory,,OUCH!
i think Eric put this together[r was it SteveBB?]

eyez check 4 updates, here

i just posted ''da best of'' LenaLi [sea my''LoveLI''post]

BAD NEWS=There is no group called aboutvalerie. damn.....
well,,,go here[pop-up stopper off 4 pics]

MY FAVORITE internet girl

you WILL love these pics

hers da rest of ''on-topic'' YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this helped zum1

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