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Re: Re: street shots
Sunday, May 11 2003 - 15:24 by pc Reply

me too, trich,,i dislike no'face'streetshots.
guess u had to bee'thar. lol
man,,yessssss. that redhead in pic 81 was
so fine. green eyes, 18, a million freakles, virgin.

true. yahoo compressez pics. if anybody
wants any pic i have,,just tell me and U'got'it

the brunette in 83&4 was am.indian.
sea my strip-club-laz-nite story at PCs.
wait a little while. i'm going surfing

speekin of @ PCs. thank for this link.
cummin frum you,,i did it and am sure it will help.

ie settings to stop dialers and other bullshit

[just now,,when i clicked preview,,i got a screen
about sending shit.closed. i'm gonna uncheck the
''don't show this in future'' and click OK.]
now every time i click 'preview' it says
''your message is being processed'',,next click,,
''bee patient!'',,next click,,''stop it!! i said
be patient''. well it's been long enough to type
this and nothing's happening. BACK/retry
ok, second time it worked. sounds like my pc
won't send anytang without an ok. cool.

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