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Re: Re: fixed link, sorry
Thursday, May 8 2003 - 13:14 by pc Reply

YES,,good buddy! you did it Big Smile
i respect the way you built this forum
''one line at a time''
i write programs [cad] for cnc machines,,
sew,, i can relate,,BUTT,, this html shit

YES,,i'm proud to be
''MEMBER #1''
at the
[can't wait]

let me seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
what can i dew 4 u 2 day
have you met DOMINO,,lol

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

sorry,,i get side track,,EZ
i better go dew this on a new post.
i don't meen to ''step on'' Maliyah's post.

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