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Looking for Long, Silky, Asian Hair
Friday, March 28 2003 - 0:29 by doonit2001 Reply

Hello Everyone,

I'm really interested in pics of long straight silky Asian hair (male and/or female). I just don't think there's anything more devastatingly sexual and alluring than that gorgeous long hair. I'm most interested in hair pics, but if the hair should be attached to a naked body involved in some sexual posing or other activity - that's fine too (wink).

Thanks, in advance, to all those who help me out!! Wink Wink

 Entire Thread for: Looking for Long, Silky, As...    by: doonit2001   ( March 28 2003 - 0:29 CET)
    u just found it    by: pc   (March 28 2003 - 3:46 CET)

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