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New Clip...
Sunday, March 9 2003 - 17:08 by Leah
Leah's Website: Home Page

Hello all...I just put a clip up for you to see...It is me blowdrying my hair a bit. Hope you like it. (you will need to be a member of my Yahoo Club to view)...
Mr L and I are moving this week and cable will have our modem hooked up in about ten days. Soo, I will see you then. Have fun. Luv, Leah's/fshair38.mpg

 Entire Thread for: New Clip...    by: Leah   ( March 9 2003 - 17:08 CET)
    Re: New Clip...    by: pc   (March 10 2003 - 3:06 CET)
    beautiful ...............    by: roger_ltr   (March 10 2003 - 9:29 CET)

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