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Longhair Fourm Doomed?
Sunday, February 9 2003 - 14:43 by concerned Reply

I hope everybody that reads this forum is happy now, since some one ran off the best posters this forum has ever had. I donít mean to put anybody down that is posting now, but the best posters are gone due to controversy. Look who is missing and see if you agree. The very beautiful and sexy Anya doesnít post here any more, the beautiful Leah is gone, PC and Ninja stopped posting. I donít know how they find all the long beautiful hair. With out them this forum is doomed.
If I stepped on anybodies toes or made anybody mad, I am sorry. But we need all of them back!

 Entire Thread for: Longhair Fourm Doomed?    by: concerned   ( February 9 2003 - 14:43 CET)
    Re: Longhair Fourm Doomed?    by: huh   (February 9 2003 - 20:20 CET)

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