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Re: from our ntc distant cousins
Friday, January 17 2003 - 5:14 by pc Reply

i saw no indications that she even knew that
she had hair on her head,,much less'luved it'
i'll pass,,BUTT,,tankz

purrfect timing on the hj movie,
was fixin to wash me wifie's hair
and graciously accept a hj/bj.
had the second part'CUM' true,,,
i probably woundn't have watched the 3 clips.
they were good[and she told me''nest time'']

wattz a ntc?
bet it was a RM post
i can't get him to CUM here

i'm beehind,,BUTT,,i jummed a HEAD 4 did 1

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    Re: from our ntc distant co...    by: pc   (January 17 2003 - 5:14 CET)

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