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msn thangy update
Monday, January 13 2003 - 6:38 by pc Reply

i added a few more to your Cherry Mirage Album
i'm useing 3 different e-males to get 9mbs of pics
Gary has a trick we all need to learn.
he has thousands of pics at his club.
i'll go ask him. stay tuned 4 more updates.

a GARY2 just upload an album called
Some of my hard drive
31 pics[next 2 last pic is a cherry]
all of them,,BUTT LONG.
great album, gary
is this
''the new gary2''

i'll shore find out and thank'm both.

 Entire Thread for: msn thangy update    by: pc   ( January 13 2003 - 6:38 CET)

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