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Re: Super-long hair!
Monday, December 2 2002 - 23:17 by longhairlover Reply

can you talk her into posting here? that would be great for us. I have emailed her with no reply, do you have a better contact for her or is she unreachable to us? any new pics of her, i keep seeing the same ones. this one you posted i saw before over a year ago when her yahoo first started. would love to see a new set or better yet if you can get her to come and post.

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    Great! (nt)    by: .none.   (December 2 2002 - 20:10 CET)
    Re: Super-long hair!    by: longhairlover   (December 2 2002 - 23:17 CET)
    Re: Super-long hair!    by: Steve   (December 3 2002 - 0:03 CET)

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