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Re: Idiocy
Monday, December 2 2002 - 15:37 by Richard Reply

I'm afraid that you're wrong. My point was still directed at pc. Even though he tried to use someone else's post, it was still his lack of mental capacity that my comments were directed toward. Not one person even replied to Smoke Screen's original post. No one cried out then, so I don't think anyone gave it any creedance. So, for pc to try to use it in his defense is... indefensible. Actually, there is no defense for pc.

 Entire Thread for: PC IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...    by: SMOKE SCREEN   ( December 2 2002 - 0:59 CET)
    Idiocy    by: trichophile   (December 2 2002 - 8:23 CET)
    Re: Idiocy    by: Richard   (December 2 2002 - 15:37 CET)

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