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Monday, December 2 2002 - 8:23 by trichophile Reply

Those of you who feel a compelling need to insult someone should take care to insult the intended target. Notice that in the second post in this thread, PC reposted a message from SMOKE SCREEN, presumably as a subtle comment on the latter's mental competence. In the third post, Richard made fun of SMOKE SCREEN's question, mistaking it for an original non sequitur by PC. Hence, when Richard inquired about PC's alleged lobotomy, he was really insulting SMOKE SCREEN, who apparently didn't notice because he was too busy trying to figure out how the Caps Lock key works.

 Entire Thread for: PC IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...    by: SMOKE SCREEN   ( December 2 2002 - 0:59 CET)
    Idiocy    by: trichophile   (December 2 2002 - 8:23 CET)
    Re: Idiocy    by: Richard   (December 2 2002 - 15:37 CET)

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