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Please Read
Monday, February 28 2005 - 20:24 by ninja Reply

i know that there's been alot of Spam on the board lately... i have to say that, the other, moderators did a very good job in keeping it down. in my opinion....

unfortunately i havent been around much lately, but i'll be back more often from now on to help delete spam messages, you can all help out by pointing spam out to others by replying to bad posts with 'Spam' or something the like as the subject title...

On the technical site:
Right now it is possible to block people by [amongst other things] their IP adresses. i update the list from time to time, but spammers are bit more complicated to stop than by just blocking some IP adresses. i had been working on a new board last year, but due to alot of other stuff going on in my private live, i haven't been able to finish it....

So please focus on the good postings, we've had a lot of original content lately, something i haven't seen for all these years...

So to all posters, thanx for posting.... and to all lurkers... thanx for lurking Wink

see you.



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