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work![dirty word here]
Thursday, October 10 2002 - 2:53 by pc Reply


down on your Explore bar,,the blue thangy
that shows how fast you're downloading,,,
welllll,,,,on this post[like others]
that blue thangy got to the end before
all the pics loaded,,SEW,,i clicked back
to the main page and then clicked
unemployed hb's post AGAIN. now,,
the rest of the pics are loading,,
BEEcause,,the lil'blue thangy gits
2 start over. opps,had to do it a third time.
[damnnnnnn,,lotta purrfect pics]
bet ninja could slow the blue thingy down.
uno,,i wood'v mist da readhead if i had'nt've
watched that BLUE THINGY

great post,,hb.
your addicted,,like me,,BUTT,,
longhair is better than drugs

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