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Re: Re: Re: HB has BO
Wednesday, October 9 2002 - 14:57 by Palu Reply

Hello, PC,

Here in Belgium (french part), all is ok. Except that I staid a few weeks at the hospital because a pleurisy !
I was rushed to a first hospital (medicine service) at 26 of Aug. The doctor tried to pump out a few litres (almost 3 L) from the pleura but it was not sufficient.
Then I was transferred to a second hospital (surgery service) at the 6 of september where the surgeon made a vacuum extraction (thoracotomy) from the pleura : he pumped an half litre of body fluid, made a complete cleanup, used talcum powder ... and finally placed 2 drainage tubes. I left the hospital at 26 Sept. I have suffered a lot, but now I'm ok.
Thanks for having remembered to me ! I hope you are ok ?


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