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Friday, December 28 2018 - 18:55 by Salvatore Reply

I was just watching a rerun of the Tonight Show episode from Aug 18 with Ariana Grande, and I swear I had a MASSIVE hard-on the ENTIRE time she was on.

Even with her hair in a high pony (does she ever wear it any other way?), the ends were still reaching the top of her butt, and looked so SOFT!!!

And you know what…? I’m CONVINCED she knows there are people out there that LUST after her hair. The way she was playing with it the whole time: running her fingers through the ends, taking the pony back and pushing it behind her only to then bring it forward again a short while later to rest on her right boob, tossing it around…yeah…she KNOWS there are people out there that lust after her hair. And she loves it.

Does anyone else here dream of doing her from behind in a doggy while pulling on her pony like it was the reins of a racehorse? I bet she’d encourage the act and shout out every few seconds “that’s it baby, pull my hair!”.

And when I’m ready to come I’d pull out of her, turn her around and spray my load all over her pretty face, and then use her pony to wipe her face clean. And then I’d lie her down, gather the ends of her pony, rest it on her pussy and then gently push the ends into her wet pussy (ala Suzi Suzuki) as I finger her to orgasm with her hair in her pussy. I would then remove the ends and happily lick the honeylike squirt juice off.

Oh my.

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