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Hair in my pasta :)
Friday, December 7 2018 - 1:00 by Mister M Reply

Hi everyone,

I live in Asia and I am a big fan of hair in mouth and hair eating. Even more than hairjob!

Everyday, I need to use the metro to go to work and have to climb many electric escalators. I have sometimes the chance to have amazing long hair girls on the step just above me. Imagine how great it is for hair smelling! But that's not all ;)
It's also perfect to see if they have loose strand of hair (strand already removed from the scalp) and just pick it. Of course, that's something they can't notice.

Last time, I was very lucky, the girl had amazing hair ! The kind of hair for commercials and advertisements (70 cm+). She had one loose hair that I picked and I kept it in one small pocket of my bag during all the day.

In the evening, after leaving my office, I went in a nice place and ordered pasta to take away (carbonara style). After coming back home, I started to eat and put this long hair in my pasta. I remember how the hair of that girl was amazing and having one strand in my food was an incredible feeling. And you know what happened after, I ate all the pasta and of course the strand of hair. Incredible experience !!!

I do that on very rare occasions, but when the girl has amazing hair, it becomes too tempting. My craziest dream would be that a girl with nice long hair put all her hair in my dish so I can eat everything.

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    Whatever rocks your world!    by: L. Bonero II   (December 7 2018 - 2:58 CET)

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