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New Original Story
Monday, September 10 2018 - 18:49 by Original Reply

Kelly was a shy girl with long, thick blonde hair down to her ass. She decided to throw a party to celebrate the end of the year, but she didn't have many friends other than me and 2 girls from her other classes who were also invited. As the bottle spun clockwise, it passed by Raven, who also had long hair down to her upper thighs, thinner than Kelly's but very dark and sleek with blonde highlights at the ends. She was much more outgoing than Kelly, and sought amusement wherever she could find it. The bottle continued past me and Chelsea, a redhead with mid-back length hair. I suppose her personality could be described as the halfway point between Kelly and Raven – not particularly shy, but with enough sense to know what's socially acceptable. The bottle passed us all a few more times before it stopped on... me.

"Truth or dare?" asked Chelsea with a smirk.

"Uhh... truth I guess?" I replied, wondering how bad it could be. I wasn't one to keep secrets so it should be a piece of cake, right?

"Hmm... do you have any fetishes, and if so, what are they?" asked Raven, with a scheming grin on her face. Chelsea chuckled and rolled her eyes – she knew only Raven would ask such a devilish question – while Kelly kept quiet with a smile, anticipating my answer.

'Shit,' I thought to myself. That's the one secret I did have... or two secrets, technically. "Well, I kinda have a thing for long hair, and I like being tickled..." I muttered, and instantly began to regret. I easily could have lied, but I felt the urge to tell the truth.

Kelly blushed while Raven roared with gleeful laughter. Chelsea was still smirking as if she was not surprised. "I really wasn't expecting you to be so honest," said Chelsea. "That takes guts."

Raven settled down a bit, but I could see in her eyes that she had an evil plan. "Alright Doug, now it's your turn to spin," she said, nodding in my direction. I reached into the middle and gave the bottle a good ol' spin. It landed on Chelsea.

"Fuck it, I'll do a dare. Why not?" she boasted. Chelsea always managed to keep her cool. Meanwhile, Raven's face lit up.

"I dare you... to tickle Doug... with your hair!"

My heart skipped a beat... or ten. I had never imagined such an ingenious combination of my two greatest fantasies. And I certainly never thought either would come true! But Chelsea would decline, right? She's up for a lot, but I doubt she'd do something like that.

"Sure. Doug, take off your shirt!" she chuckled. I chuckled too, believing her to be joking. After a few seconds, she repeated, "C'mon Doug, take off your shirt."

"...Shit, seriously?" I asked. There is no way this could possibly be happening.

"Yeah, it'll be fun!" Chelsea beamed. Raven seemed even more surprised than I was, and Kelly was still blushing... though she also seemed intrigued.

Without further hesitation I complied and took off my shirt. Chelsea took a few strands of her fiery locks and shuffled towards me. She began to stroke my upper arm, but I instantly yelped and fell backwards, raising my hands up to shield myself.

"Oh no, no, no, we can't have this!" exclaimed Raven. "Girls, we're gonna have to hold him down!" Unexpectedly, Kelly began to grin and leaped towards me, grabbing one of my arms while Raven took the other. They raised my arms above my head and held them pinned to the ground, leaving my entire upper body exposed. Chelsea took her hair again and wiggled the tips in my armpits. I squirmed on the ground, but I couldn't move my arms. I was completely helpless. Chelsea moved her hair down my side, softly brushing my skin as if holding a paintbrush. I continued to wriggle around, but the sensation wasn't strong enough for me to make any noise.

"Ahh fuck it, this is too mild," huffed Raven, as she tilted her head back. Suddenly, she threw her head forwards, tossing the entire length of her silky dark mane all over my body. It hit me like a million tiny feathers caressing my skin at once. I let out a "Fuhhuh" as her hair fell onto my skin. She moved her head to the side, dragging her hair across my chest and stomach slowly. I let out a soft moan as each lock swirled across my skin, floating weightlessly over my ribs and cradling my nipples. I had never felt anything like this before... it was like being stroked by an angel's wings.

Raven flipped her hair back up and said, "Try something like that, use all of it!" Chelsea gathered her hair back up behind her and flipped it forwards so the ends dangled just above my ribs. While she had much less hair, it was still incredibly soft, and what she lacked in length, she made up for in manoeuvrability. She lowered her head slightly and began to move her head from side to side, so that her hair trailed up towards my neck, then back down towards my belly button. She repeated this motion over and over, increasing in speed each time until she was sweeping my hair up and down my torso. After a while, my soft moans turned to laughter as her soft caresses turned to swift strokes. She kept on going faster and faster until she was whipping me with her hair. By this point, I was getting short of breath.

"Agh, my neck is starting to hurt", groaned Chelsea. "Can we switch places?" She glanced towards Kelly.

"Hmm, ok! I have an idea..." Kelly swapped with Chelsea and straddled my waist. She pulled a hairbrush out of her back pocket and began brushing her thick mass of golden silk. Then, she began brushing backwards, making her hair incredibly fluffy. She leaned forwards and dangled her hair above my nipples. She started swinging her hair left and right across my chest, knowing that my nipples were ultra-sensitive. Each swing was soft and delicate, but the weight of her hair felt quite heavy. With each swing, the sensation seemed more and more intense. My nipples were rock hard, and I was loving the soft brush of each swing. Next, Kelly gathered her hair above my head and lowered her head next to mine. She began to move backwards, dragging her hair across my face, down my chest and stomach before she came across a bump. She sat back up again as Raven yelled:

"Oh my God, he has a boner!" She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "Hey, let me have a turn, I know just the thing..." Raven swapped over with Kelly and without any hesitation, pulled my pants down. Chelsea and Kelly opened their mouths wide in shock as my weeping schlong sprang into action. Raven picked the brush up off the ground and began to stroke her own silky mane with it. Then, she moved backwards slightly and tossed her head forwards, again covering my entire upper body in silk, but this time also covering my fully erect penis. I moaned "Ooohhoh" as she began to massage my cock beneath her tresses. Chelsea and Kelly grinned to each other and joined in – Chelsea splayed her hair across my semi-visible chest as Kelly began lightly tracing her fluff across every visible part of my skin. I was in heaven.

Over the next hour or so, all three girls were swinging their hair all over my body until Raven said "Ok girls, let's finish him!" She moved up behind my head and tossed her hair forwards like she did before, but this time facing down my body towards my cock. Kelly moved up next to her and did the same, laying the full length of her hair across my body. Chelsea was stationed down at my dick, and had the honours of wrapping the ends of the other girls' hair around my shaft, along with her own. Kelly and Raven massaged my chest through their hair with their hands while Chelsea rubbed the combined silk up and down my throbbing hard-on until I came, soaking their silk completely.
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