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birthday surprise
Saturday, September 8 2018 - 18:35 by hip length hairlover Reply

I have been dating my girlfriend for a while now she knows I have a thing about her long hair. She started off by letting me run hands through it then let me brush it and shampoo it. I've always had a thing about long hair put up in a messy bun and my girlfriend knows this. Anyway it was my birthday a little while back and me and my girlfriend went out for a few drinks. She had put her hair up in a bun as she usually did on a night out to stop it getting in the way or drawing attention to how long it is. At the end of the evening feeling a little bit drunk we both jumped into a taxi and on the taxi ride she told me she had one more birthday surprise back at hers. We got back to hers and I kept asking what the surprise was but she would tell me. Then she said I know you have a thing about my hair up in a bun and how much it turns you on as an extra birthday present I'm going to let you cum over my hair. At that she grabbed my hand sat me on the couch she lay on the couch next to me with her head on my lap I massaged her hair for a moment and kissed her on the forehead I unbuttoned my trousers and she massage my cock. I want to feel your cock in my bun in put my cock into her bun and just before I was about to cum in pulled it out and shot it all over her bun. she asked if it was worth the wait I nodded she undid her bun she got up grabbed a comb and let me comb it through her hair. WHAT A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE THAT WAS.

 Entire Thread for: birthday surprise    by: hip length hairlover   ( September 8 2018 - 18:35 CET)
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    Re: birthday surprise    by: Redbird1   (September 12 2018 - 4:16 CET)

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