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Chinese girls
Friday, September 7 2018 - 23:51 by Mister M Reply

Hi everyone,

A long time I haven't posted here.

Now living in China for a few months.
I have to say that this country is amazing when you have a hair fetish.
Of course, we are in 2018, and some girls go for short or pixie haircuts but a lot of girls still have long hair or very long hair.
I am totally in love with Chinese long hair now. Thick, straight and shiny.
Everyday, in the streets or metro, you cross girls that could be hair models or do hair commercials. It's impressive.
Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can go in the escalators just behind a long hair girl. The girl being on the step above yours, her hair perfectly reach your face with just a few centimetres of gap. One of the best opportunites to watch and smell hair (Or going even more crazy haha)

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