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What's the fastest growing hair you've ever seen?
Thursday, September 6 2018 - 10:25 by Brack Reply

So... I became single and back on the market a little over a month ago. Found a girl on a dating site who claimed she can cut her hair to her shoulders and in six months, its touching her behind. She is 5'8", so that is a LOT of hair growth. Her hair is the thickest red hair I've ever seen, and showed me a picture of what her hair currently looks like today. It's mid-back, and somewhere between 6-8 inches longer than three months ago when it was above her shoulders. I am so fascinated by her hair and luckily, she is into this.

Just curious what you guys have encountered out there as far as girls with rapid hair growth. This kinda thing turns me on soooooooo much.

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    Good Luck indeed !    by: Vino   (September 6 2018 - 22:08 CET)
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