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Cuckold And Hair Fetish
Monday, August 27 2018 - 15:47 by wimpycuckinrollers Reply

Hi there all, I am new to this site and I have a strange mix of cuckold to my wife/princess and her boyfriend and a full on hair fetish also.

I started to have a fetish towards hair 10 years back when my wife cucked me and I had to wash and roll her brown long hair as well as wash and roll her boyfriends long blond hair. Couple of times a week I would have to do their hair, so you can imagine a lot of time playing with beautiful long hair.

They found out i was being turned on by their hair and they told me to grow out my hair and go to get a perm in a salon and wet set my hair daily.

My sisters think its funny that I roll my hair and serve my wife and her boyfriend etc.

This site seems to be perfect for finding out more about hair fetish etc.

Please feel free to message me and comment as I'm new here, be good to chat to others with similar hair fetish etc.

Bye All.


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