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Extra GF for hairfetish besides regular GF????
Tuesday, August 21 2018 - 11:44 by Hairlover Reply

I found you all talking about your hair desires so i have a question as well!

Basically recently i discovered how much long hair turns me on. My Girlfriend is wonderful and sexy, but she has a very short haircut. It suits her well and she is sexy as hell, but even if we have sex of course i feel a growing need of "long hair sex"and working in a Heavy Metal Club on weekends does not help in this case...

Since i am behind the bar a lot of ladies flirt for free drinks and since quite a few have long hair i start fantasizing about giving away drinks for sexual hairplay of all kind. Problem is that i am pretty sure this would work too...

Any ideas what to do? Unfortunately i am no magicans and can give me short haired but otherwise wondeful Girlfriend long hair with the snip of my fingers.... [:'(] [:'(] [:'(] [:'(]

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