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Longhairs Need Your Vote
Sunday, August 5 2018 - 4:26 by Longhair Lover Reply

A couple longhair babes need your vote to help them get in the Hall of Fame. Actress Katherine Ross (think "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid") has only 50 percent "yes" votes, while a minimum of 67 percent is needed to gain admission to the Hall of Fame. Please vote for her. The lovely Rebecca Gayheart - a model and actress -- is sailing at 91 percent, but if you go to the page, there's nothing wrong with piling on. I also support news anchor Deborah Norville, whose hair has never been as long as the other two, but has always had "good hair." She's on the bubble of being elected (64 percent), so a "yes" vote will go a long way. Cheryl "Tweedy" Cole of the band Girls Aloud, who has great hair, is a shoe-in at 80 percent. The fifth candidate is former model Stephanie Seymour. The gorgeous former supermodel had better hair than the photo they chose to post. She's also on the bubble with 62 percent.

So yes votes across the board would be suitable. To recap, Katherine Ross (who is older now and perhaps unknown among younger voters) really needs your support. Deborah Norville and Stephanie Seymour need some votes to put them over the top. Rebecca Gayheart and Cheryl Cole should be safe, but you never know.

The page link is:

As always, thanks in advance for your support!

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