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Re: Why hair???
Saturday, July 28 2018 - 5:07 by HairAddict67 Reply

As long as I can remember I have loved playing with hair. The moment I started to have sexual stirrings, those desires instantly became sexual. When I was younger I always tried playing with my baby sitters' hair. They might have thought me weird for it, but I loved it. And there were a couple teachers I had when I was younger that I thought had great hair and would loved to have played with.

There was actually one teacher I had back in second grade that would read to us and several of the girls would play with her hair during it. I was always envious but felt too uncomfortable to say anything. Even when one of the guys actually played with it as well, I still was too nervous to ask to play with it.

Now my fetish includes wanting to just fuck and cum in hair. I have discovered having enjoyed several heads of hair, that my favorite thing to experience is when the girl sits in between my knees and just shakes her head back and forth on my cock so that it either brushes or rubs my hard on. I also enjoy feeling it brush over my balls or being rubbed on my skin.

As for the kind of hair that I enjoy, it honestly doesn't matter the length. Though this is a long hair forum and I may be burned for this, I actually do believe there is such a thing as too long of hair. I say that in the sense of my favorite thing about hair is silkiness and then thickness. I feel that with extremely long hair, it's hair to keep it thick. But nonetheless, a long mane will get me well hot and bothered. But the hair could be even shoulder length or a pixie cut, as long as its soft and thick, it would turn me on.

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