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Re: Why hair???
Monday, July 23 2018 - 15:00 by thisGuy Reply

My fetish started long time ago, I growed up in a quite feminine family, no brothers and had only female cousins so I often spent time playing with dolls or doing other feminine activities.

The thing is, as a kid I really liked the texture of hair that some dolls had, it happened that one day I was alone at home and decided to touch and play with it which started to arouse me till I decided to get off with it.

I didn't have a good understanding of what I was doing at the time, but couldn't look back. As opposed to many people here, for me it's not really about the length of hair, sometimes a shoulder length hair is more exciting for me.

It's all about the texture, how shiny it is, it's very important for hair to not be heavy, I want it to move with the smallest puff, slide off with the smallest head movement and for that to be the case hair has to be very well taken care of.

I also like curly hair but in this case it's more about how thick it is, the more it seems like dense, deep heaven the more I like it. Obviously, this applies to straight hair too.

Different hairstyles turn me on too, I love when ponytail is not very long and it's kind of dangling here and when you take it off it unleashes all of the hair.

That's the best, same goes for hairbuns and other hairstyles too, I love braids too, just any hairstyle is interesting for me.

Of course, longer hair is very often the most arousing, but it's not necessity, if it's shoulders length, then it's good enough for me.

It's easy to find a girl with somewhat ok hair, but to find a girl with actual nice and well taken care of is a hard task.

So that's pretty much my story.
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