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What's wrong with this guy?
Friday, June 29 2018 - 15:25 by HT Reply

The guy she is with is totally uninterested and bored by this unbelievably beautiful and sexy young lady. I would think she could find a fellow who at least could pretend to have fun. So sad she is that unappreciated.

 Entire Thread for: Sexy Russian Hairjob, Hair ...    by: Hairfetish2016   ( June 29 2018 - 10:30 CET)
    What's wrong with this guy?    by: HT   (June 29 2018 - 15:25 CET)
    Totally agree    by: L. Bonero II   (June 30 2018 - 16:58 CET)
    L O V E that head tilted ...    by: Partman   (June 29 2018 - 21:22 CET)

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