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This has got to be THE sexiest thing I have seen in a LONG time
Friday, May 18 2018 - 13:11 by Manu Reply

I'm not kidding:

This one has it all:
- playing with ponytail
- airing her long hair
- combing (0.58 to 1.32 had me in goosebumps... Embarressed )
- hair back in a ponytail
- putting the ponytail in a bun
- letting the bun go
- thick braiding
- letting the braid go, and ending where we started, back at the glorious ponytail Big Smile

She has a real pretty face too, and her hair color (love the highlights!) and texture is just how I like it. Her hair looks so soft and healthy to the ends, I am sure it smells great too!

Pity there only seems to be one vid of her.

I watched the vid about half a dozen times. And after posting this I'm going to make it a round dozen. And likely another dozen after that.

This one really blew me away. Enjoy!

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