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Re: Promote it J-Lo
Friday, May 11 2018 - 6:40 by Sang Reply


I have a huge thing for JLo, and I got an instant hard-on looking at these pics, and fantasizing about what I would do to/with her in this hairdo, if I had a chance:
- I'd start off by sucking on her yummy tits, while gathering her long hair in my fingers, which I would then use to stroke her pussy, and then slowly insert her hair all the way into her pussy, getting it wet with her own cum. I would then take the hair out, and use the wet ends like a brush and smear her cum all over her nipples, before sucking both nipples clean/dry.
- With all that nipple sucking and finger hairplay, I am rock hard and ready for some penetration, as is she. I gather JLo's long hair and put it in a ponytail. I then make her get down on all fours, get behind her and doggy her while pulling and tugging on her pontytail. She is moaning in delight and encourages me in both the doggy drilling and the hair pulling. She can't get enough of both actions, and soon has a prolonged orgasm.
- Having made her cum, I am ready to do the same. I make JLo get on her knees and face me, as I gently release her hair from the ponytail. I gather it all again and shape it into a loose bun on the top of her head. I take my time doing this, partly because I am loving just playing, touching and feeling her soft hair, and partly also because she is blowing me and enjoying the taste of her own cum on my cock while I am doing this. Eventually, with loose bun complete and me on the verge of blowing my load, I take my dick out of her mouth, walk behind her, and gently insert my rock hard dick into her loose bun. My two hands gently hold on to her bun, as I slowly fuck it. Again, she does her part, encouraging me the whole time, telling me to come in her hair, and how she loves it when I fuck her locks after I've made her come. Her hair is so soft around my cock, and watching my cock slide in and out of the bun is divine. I don't want to rush it so do my best to make this last as long as I can. Occasionally one hand leaves the bun, reaching down to her nipples which I pinch between my fingers. This act just amplifies her pleasure and moaning. Eventually I get to my own orgasmic summit as I come and release load after load of hot cum into her bun, while I squeeze into the bun with both my hands, ensuring my cock remains fully submerged in her soft and silky locks until I stop throbbing and shooting cum. I then gently pull out my now semi limp cock out, and wipe the last oozing remnants onto her hair. JLo releases her bun, looks at me and says "that was amazing", as she massages my cum into her scalp, all the time looking at me with an intense look of satisfaction in her eyes...

OMG...I had the most amazing wank thinking of all this and while typing it all out (not easy to do!). It culminated in a pretty impressive load, what a pity it all had to go to waste...

Yup...I have a HUGE thing for JLo...
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    Re: Promote it J-Lo    by: Sang   (May 11 2018 - 6:40 CET)

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