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Re: A word of advice. Don't feed the trolls
Monday, April 30 2018 - 9:55 by longhairedblondegirlsrule Reply

ur probably right it's just a lot of people just get pissed when someone says that such a beautiful long haired blonde godess that so many people love so much us ugly of course there just jealous short haired nonblonde women who are jealous of beautiful long haired natural blonde goddesses like her and she's the beautiful blonde goddess of all beautiful blonde goddesses. i bet she does get a lot of hateful comments from jealous women especially short haired nonblonde women all the time cuz they can't stand the fact all the men love and lust after her and won't pay any attention to them of course I'm sure all the men always complement her and tell her how hot she is and how beautiful her hair is and that she looks like a beautiful blonde goddess.

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