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Do u even realize how utterly ridiculous ur claims are
Monday, April 30 2018 - 9:33 by longhairgirlsrule Reply

Like this one

And to be honest I don't like it too. It's too long, strawy and not healthy.
It's just long, nothing more, every girl can grow her hair to this length

Wow just wow! Ive never heard such a ridiculous load of bullshit in my life. there are many girls that can't grow their hair past or even down to their waist. Hell there's girls that can't grow their hair past their shoulders let alone to down to their ankles like that beautiful blonde goddess. that shows u don't know what the fuck ur talking about. how many girls do u see with hair thats naturally so blonde its almost white like hers her hair looks very healthy bright shiny too like bright sunshiny platinum
ur obviously an ugly masculine looking dykes with really short gaha that cant grow long and ur just jealous cuz she's a beautiful blonde godess that all men love and lust after and all women envy and want to look like and you know youll never be a zillionth as beautiful or have a zillionth as beautiful of hair as her. Thats the only person whod hate on a beautiful long haired blonde goddess like her. u know youd kill to look like her and have her beautiful long blonde hair n if u eere a man ud kill to tbe with her. we also know how jealous nonblonde women are of beautiful natural blonde women too.

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