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Played with her hair for hours...
Thursday, April 26 2018 - 0:26 by crayolachalk Reply

Last night I went out with a friend. She's beautiful and I've always had a thing for her since I met her, but sadly she's got a boyfriend.

Anyway, she's got this thick, Asian, healthy, waist length hair that's all one length and was just freshly trimmed a few weeks ago. I noticed when we went out for dinner that she seemed really sad and stressed out, so I offered to get her some coffee or tea after dinner and just chat. The coffee shop only had their drive-thru open, so we ordered our stuff and just started chatting in the car.

After a little while, I offered to braid her hair (no big deal, as I've randomly done it once before haha). I offered her a scalp massage and she was like yessss pleeease. So that turned into me running my hands through her hair for about 2 hours, massaging her scalp, braiding her hair, putting it in a ponytail, talking about how long it is and how she's still growing it some more. It was HEAVEN!!! At some points she was even like moaning a little bit and saying how nice it felt. To top it off, after all of that, she thanked me for doing it for her and helping her feel more relaxed. I could only think to myself oh man, if only you knew how badly I'm the one thanking YOU in my head! I hope it happens again soon. I loved looking down and seeing her jet black hair shining from the street light we parked next to. So many strands of her hair left behind in my car too. I almost don't want to vacuum it hahaha

It was my first time really playing with Asian hair. Like I said, I've braided hers quickly in the past once before, but never really got to run my hands through it. I couldn't believe how heavy and thick it was! Like, when I let it swing while holding it, I really felt the weight of it. It felt like my ex-girlfriend's hair when wet, but this was completely dry! At one point I even squeezed all of it in my hands and had to say "your hair is so thick! It's like a rope!" Shocked

Just my experience I wanted to share. :)
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