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Re: Re: A heartbreak of the highest order
Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 17:40 by I love hot blondes Reply

I hear you. It was so heartbreaking watching her go from a breathtakingly beautiful blonde goddess to Plain Jane. That ugly haircut cost her 95 dollars too. 95 dollars for that ugly ass haircut. She said that she hadn't cut her hair in 27 years. 27 years of beauty destroyed. She obviously must have been 27 years old since she said she had never cut it before.
Notice too how before she cut her hair she looked quite a bit younger than her age. After she cut it she looks older than her age.

I'm sure before all the men were crazy for her and lusted after her. After she cut her hair probably no man wanted her unless of course she's at least grown some of it back. I'm sure she'd look hot and sexy as hell with waist length hair. Not as hot as she did with floor length hair but she'd still probably look very hot.

Hopefully she learned her lesson and at least grew back in at least close to waist length. Of course floor length like she had before would be even better. As long as hair is healthy and taken good care of the longer the better. Especially when it's naturally blonde and especially especially when it's naturally very blonde.

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