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Hair Sweep
Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 17:07 by Rick Nickademous Reply

I've been an admirer of long hair since I was 4, had an experience that brought me in and I haven't turned back. I have a neighborhood friend who was at least 4 to 5 years old than I was, she had long black hair, waist length that she always wore in ponytails, just so be it I was over her house playing or hanging out, out of the blue she decided to look like a monster by brushing all of her hair over her face, pushed me backwards onto my back, made the growling noises and sweeped her hair across my naked chest & stomach, I remember laughing at first which quickly ceased and from that point on I was hooked. Always kept it quiet from others but once older I learned how to discuss it cleverly with certain individuals.
I've got several ladies who love to indulge in my fetish and have so over the years, unfortunately things don't always work out and you have disagreements, don't see eye to eye, distance, etc and you lose touch.
There will post more videos, I'm sure my style of receiving hairjobs may be a little different than others but I hope you lads enjoy regardless. I will apologize for the quality of video, a lot of them were recorded in the early 2000's when camera phones and smaller camcorders were not the best quality and if they were I couldn't afford it. i've never recorded without someone knowing, i've always gotten permission or have shown them the videos, some may be a little timid but quickly warm to it, however there are one or two that I may never show because it may reveal more than she wants... some of them may not have sound either but again that's they technology of trying to convert to different formats.
So i've been in this game for a loooooong time, just been in the clouds watching from time to time, I'd like to think i've been a hairjob getting slut, they range from shoulder blade length to tailbone. I guess that's enough for now but i've got much much more to tell. Wink
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