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Some thoughts and acknowledgements
Wednesday, April 11 2018 - 22:11 by longhairadmirer Reply

I don't post all that often here anymore, and I feel I am losing interest in this site over time. Maybe it is just me, I dunno. My hair fetish is still strong as ever and I've been on PC and kinkyforums for close to 10 years now. Here are some thoughts/observations I want to share as updates to the hair fetish community over the past decade -

1. I have been around since the glory days of Ltress, TLHP and Marianne ..this was around 2006-2007 I suppose. Those were the days when YT was just starting up, and you'd be lucky to watch a 360p video. Searching for "long hair" on YT would probably yield a few hundred results, only a handful of whom would really do the trick. Today, there are tens of thousands of long hair videos on YT.

2. Back in the day, VNL was my favorite. Nothing like long silky black asian hair in the sun - just typing about it gives me a hard on. I've bought several videos from them, and they were truly beautiful. Not the best camera work, but the girls had excellent hair!

3. I feel like Ltress and TLHP were the building blocks of the internet hair fetish community, in terms of generating media content. Cannot thank rogerblogger enough for continuing to maintain Ltress to this day!

4. Indian Long Hair World (ILHW) and several other Indian hair fetish sites are also over a decade old now. They had some great girls, erotic hair and a wide selection of videos that are unique to India - drying long hair in the sun, oiling long hair, etc. Thanks to their efforts too, they continue to operate today on YT and get millions of views.

5. Fast forward the next couple of years, I remember "ram" was an active contributor on this forum. I always liked his posts, especially Indian TV shows and old movies, such as Narayani Shastri's Namak Haram or old content of Lata Sabharwal or Aishwarya Narkar. Unfortunately - a lot of that great content has been taken off YT and it is absolutely nowhere to be found on the internet. :/

6. Fast forward to 2016, and hairfetish2016 entered the game. This was a time when live cams were generally gaining quite some traction, and sites like chaturbate were in their glory days. Hairfetish2016 is one of the most active contributors of today's time - he spends a lot of money on live shows and gets some of the best models to satisfy our fetish. I cannot thank him enough! He even shared his mega collection with me for free last year when I asked him - it contains clips4sale, jasmin recordings, etc. He is truly a hero!

7. Talking more about hairfetish2016 over the past 2 years - I am a bit disappointed with what it has become. I get that beggars cannot be choosers, but I do feel sometimes that hf2016's quality has gone down over time. It has also diluted my interest in long hair cam girls a bit, probably because of the repetitive titles Lucas uses - "blonde hot hairjob" or "colombian brunette hairjob" - it is the same titles over and over again, and extremely similar content. When you posted content of models like Tania Loren or Anemona87, I mean that was really something! Now everytime hf2016 posts something - it is more often than not a girl with short hair, not so great quality, no volume - basically nothing exciting. That has really put me off to hf2016's content, and I barely check out his new uploads anymore.

I am sorry if I sound entitled, but that is the truth for me. I am still very thankful to hf2016 for his tremendous effort and contribution to our community. I just wish he stuck to models with the best hair and probably improvized more scenarios that a boring old hairjob between 2 sleepuheads on a webcam. I dunno if models like Hellennsweet are still around - but those are the models we want to see. I am not speaking for everyone, so I understand we all like different hair colors, but at the least the hair has to be healthy and shiny and voluminous.

8. Talking about internet in general, I feel like in the last 3-4 years - we have seen a lot more hair fetish content on the internet than ever. I guess more people are getting internet access and more people are opening up about hair fetish. I feel that is great! It is kind of funny how the hair fetish community shills around on the internet though and maliciously gets what it wants. Instagram's "bundrop challenge" and Youtube's "hair oiling challenge" are both secretly fuelled by the hair fetish community, and we know it! :P Both these trends have probably like tens of thousands and more videos, and counting ..

Hair fetish is a big part of my life, and it has been for 12-14 years now. You can probably see that I have a lot to say about the matter. :P

It is still a secret though and no one knows. Not my exes either. My last ex suspected me of it, because I couldn't get off her hair for a minute we were together, but she could never be sure and I never confirmed it haha.

I want to see this forum grow. I'm thankful that people like Chris still contribute great content to this website! But isn't it time we need a revamp? Perhaps change the layout of the site - so it is easy to consume media. We also need rankings for posts and comments. What do you think?

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