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Re: Re: Re: If you're on FetLife
Monday, March 19 2018 - 0:55 by Amelinijka Reply

"Thank you" for pointing me out. Because of the topic my mailbox was basically stormed recently, I'd like to answer all the "unique" questions I've been asked.

- No, I'm not interested in becoming your friend solely because you like my hair.
- No, I do not "have" any fetish related to hair and I do not perceive them as a sexual object. I simply love having them that long. (And so does my sister.)
- I'm not interested in having "professional" photo shoot/session provided. I already do own a collection of my own photos that I'm fully satisfied with and don't intend to share them with public.
- I'm not interested in money offers. I have a high-end standard of living already and if you feel like you want to spend some money, donate it to charity instead.


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