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Amazing Vid, anymore?
Monday, March 12 2018 - 12:26 by Gazza Reply

Kudos to the Admin of this wonderful website- what a haven for long hair lovers!

If I can just make one comment/suggestion to improve: it would be great if messages could be bumped, so that those with replies would move to the top of the page each time. This would ensure we do not miss any messages, and popular topics could be kept alive.

Point in question, someone here posted an amazing vid some time ago (original thread was about bobs in Seoul):

Is the long haired beauty in this vid really just a random hooker or is she a Korean pornstar with more vids out there?

As soon as I saw this vid, I was smitten - if I was the dude in the vid I'd be playing with her hair a whole lot more than he did (and it pisses me off that he almost ignores the long locks he has in front of him).

Such a sexy model, such a sexy vid, I had even more fun imagining what else I would do to/with her...

Please help and let me know if there is more of her out there

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