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One of the hottest redheads I've ever seen
Monday, March 5 2018 - 17:17 by VK Reply

Unfortunately it looks like she cut 8-12 inches off within the last month :( but her page is relatively public (she's hot and she obviously knows it so no surprise) and you can see some pre-cut photos as well when she was still at waist length.

Nonetheless, god damn. I'll let you start here:

 Entire Thread for: One of the hottest redheads...    by: VK   ( March 5 2018 - 17:17 CET)
    Re: One of the hottest redh...    by: Zack   (March 5 2018 - 17:52 CET)
    Agree, and a small heartbre...    by: ErectorSet   (March 6 2018 - 13:58 CET)

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