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Re: Re: Re: A Haven For...
Tuesday, February 13 2018 - 11:11 by Manu Reply

Itaewon was indeed the place that I spent the most time "bob watching" - it was great during the morning/afternoon with the shopping crowd, in the evening with the dining crowd and in the late evening to early hours of the following morning with the clubbing crowd Big Smile. I was also staying in Itaewon so it was perfect!

Insadong was also pretty good for bob watching.

I may need to go again in September, already looking forward to it! Wink

And I am reminded now that one of my favorite vids is also Made in Korea!

Awesome vid, awesome hair. Don't know how the guy ignores it, I'd be playing with it nonstop.

Maybe I should try and look her up in Sept... Tongue

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