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A Haven For...
Monday, February 12 2018 - 8:01 by Manu Reply

I just returned from a business trip which has proven to be one of my most memorable experiences from a hair lovers perspective.

It was a place I have already been to 3 times previously (all also for work), but for the first time I decided to stay over for the weekend and explore the city, mainly to absorb the culture, food and sights. The added bonus that I got was totally unexpected, and hence so much more of a thrill while it was happening, and eternally captured in my memory bank now that I am back.

While there were a lot of women sporting long hair, it was not for this that it was memorable. It stood out for the sheer volume of women with unbelievable BOBS!!! The long hair I saw, most of it was unhealthy at the ends, and straggly. But almost every single bob (and there were LOTS of them), was just immaculate! So full of volume, soft looking, thick, perfectly coiffured, it was mesmerizing! I spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday walking around, and I swear, I would not pass 3 or 4 women without coming across one with a bob that deserved a second (and a third, fourth and more!) glance. I kid you not. It was truly bob heaven. Given how many lovely bobs there were, and the fact many also have long hair (but as mentioned earlier not as cumworthy), I am inclined to think these particular people donít have it in their genes to have truly long and voluminous hair. Given the ratio of amazing bobs, the long hair was largely disappointing. Itís as if this particular people are not able to grow ďdesirableĒ hair beyond a certain length. But boy did the bobs on display make up for that!

I cannot emphasize what a bob treat it was. Everywhere I went. Superb quality bobs, from the overall look, the cut, down to the color (many enhanced with highlights), truly a feast for someone with passion for hair. While I generally like long, it has to be healthy, thick to the end, straight and soft. And that is why I genuinely believe even if a woman is not able to sport long hair, she can still have very sexy and desirable hair even with bob length (in my opinion at least). And this notion was proven so strongly this past weekend. I cannot put in words how great it was. The whole time I was walking around I was sporting a hard-on in my pants, and had such a strong urge to reach out and feel the softness of each bob I found attractive. I didnít though! I wanted to at least take pics, but even for that didnít have the guts to take the risk.

The place I was in? SEOUL.

I would highly recommend a visit to those who are able to, and especially to those that are bob fans. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. I have traveled fairly extensively (Asia, Europe, North America), and for me, after this trip, Seoul is the BOB CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!
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