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Monday, January 8 2018 - 23:10 by ivyy Reply

SECOND HALF ONLY VERSION : “TRAILER TRASH TRIXIE” is seen here as a young southern college girl having fun with a video camera making a sexy recording dancing around and swinging her hair. This clips displays how if not careful while wearing loose dungarees, they can actually fall completely off you in a second! This is a sexy tape from Dixie’s college dorm room days, where she jumps around, swings her hair around a lot - letting it fall on her face, and sometimes “freezes” in the middle of her dancing, posing. Trixie is full of energy, and super sexy, as she plays with the sides of her tiny red thong, and also sometimes lets the loose straps of her overalls slip down off her shoulders. This clips is also jam packed with playful laughing and giggling, as Trixie’s friends watch her dance in the background, and laugh at her trying to be sexy, - but also suffering through some unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions due to her wild dancing. Their playful giggles quickly turn into loud cackling laughter whenever Dixie’s overalls slip down a little too low, and especially when her overalls fall down completely around her ankles. Trixie also laughs but looks completely embarrassed as she kneels down to pick her overalls back up off of the floor. This clip also features some sexy “Freeze Frames” as her hair falls over her face.

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!
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