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Thursday, September 26 2002 - 10:10 by luckydog Reply

Lightbulb Search Kazaa on "Deja". Watch the movie "Bang Bus" with her. The movie sucks, just an amature level porn, but there is some action with her hair.
Yes, she is very very sexy, I do think though she could do way better then that.

And while you are on Kazaa check out Nikki Fritz -she used to have the most beautiful butt length silky hair (Pantene quality) I have ever seen.

 Entire Thread for: Deja    by: luckydog   ( September 26 2002 - 10:10 CET)
    Re: Deja    by: Lurker   (September 26 2002 - 23:14 CET)
    Re: Re: Deja    by: luckydog   (September 27 2002 - 9:25 CET)

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