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Re: Anyone have mr. Dave's bukkake story?
Sunday, July 24 2016 - 14:31 by MrDave Reply

“A tourist with past floor length hair in Japan is talked into doing a fetish video. It is a bukkake video about cumming on the woman's hair. After the Bukkake, the Semen is lathered into her hair. You can add some Hairjob stuff in there and take the story where you want as long as you don't stray too far from the outline.“ -- MammonMachine

The American woman tourist was staring at the temple. He had paused for a long time trying to work up the courage to approach her. Americans were unpredictable, he’d found. Sometimes they were generous and friendly and other times they were oafish and rude.

She, however, was so beautiful that he could not get it out of his mind. Hiro had joined the tour group spontaneously when he first saw her. And he’d spent the last hour following the mob around trying to work up the courage to speak to her. Finally, as the tour guide began to gather together the tour group to head to the final site he had to say something.

“Pardon me, but you have beautiful hair.” he said.

She paused and looked down at him in surprise. She was nearly 27 cm taller than he was with long lean legs and a trim figure. Her breasts were large and well-formed and she had a face that could have easily been a model or an actress. But she could not have been famous because he’d have certainly recognised anyone who had hair like hers.

Her hair, even braided as it was, was clearly much longer than she was tall. She’d doubled its length and wound it in a bun at the back of her head and secured it with a simple scrunchy and it still hung long enough to brush the backs of her thighs.
Several of the people on the group had commented to her on it and she’d been polite and thanked them. She’d answered casual questions and Hiro had listened carefully - eavesdropping casually - but attentively.

She’d said it was “all real” had never been cut, that it was “several feet” longer than she was tall -- and she was very tall, topping “six feet” which Hiro automatically translated into 190 cm in his mind. Mentally, he calculated her hair to be 2.5 meters or even longer.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling graciously as she had done for everyone who had commented so far.

“I would very much enjoy seeing your hair down and free,” he replied. All or nothing, he thought.

She tilted her head curiously, “Well, that isn’t really practical at the moment,” she said, “it’s just too long to do that just anywhere. It really is very long.”

“Perhaps a better time and place could be arranged,” he said. She’d seemed more amused than dismissive. He figured he had not been rebuffed just yet.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked. She had turned to face him. In her reasonably fashionable (for an American) outfit and confident stance she was more than a little intimidating to a young Japanese man who was blowing off work to hit on this North American Goddess.

“Dinner, maybe some drinks, and then maybe photos in a hotel room. Your hotel or another, up to you.”

“Bold man,” she said casually, “That’s an interesting offer. I am free tonight and have no idea where the club scene is in Tokyo. I’ll may take you up on that,”

She held out her hand to shake, “I’m Penny, and you are?”

Hiro took a second to realize she wanted to shake hands. He bowed then shook her hand, “Hiro. Hiro Kanagara.”

The finished the tour and chatted along the way exchanging some basics and details. She had won a lottery in the States and was indulging in a fantasy of exotic lands and romantic adventure. He was a young man who loved Western culture and had an image of America that was colored by movies, TV and the Internet.

She complimented his English and he wondered why she’d never been a model or actress.

“I wanted to,” she confessed, “but I was dating a guy and he couldn’t handle it. He got so jealous he’d get drunk and then cause problems on the shoots. So I quit.”

“Too bad, I’d have loved to see you in films. I have often thought about making films myself.”

“So you would cast me in a film,” she asked with a wry smile; knowing the answer.

“Hai” he nodded, “In a hot minute.”

“What kind of movie?” she said slyly. Then she winked at him.

He felt his face grow hot and he could tell she was trying to embarrass him. So he thought he’d try to do the same to her. “Bukkakke,” he said.

“What’s that?” she said, genuinely.

He was actually surprised. He knew that the West had adopted the term, but he’d not realized that there would be Americans who didn’t know it. He paused thinking about how to reply. “It is when women get ...stuff on their face and hair.”

“Stuff like what?” she asked, actually sounding interested.

“Um...I don’t know the English word for it,” he lied.

“Can you show me?”

Hiro knew a place just around the corner that would have a lot of bukkakke magazines, videos and manga. Instead, he shrugged noncommittally.

Penny laughed at his discomfort making it that much worse. But she had not changed her mind about their date tonight. “Perhaps tonight I’ll show you,” he said.

“That might be fun,” she said.

When the tour finished she hugged him and he felt awkward and uncomfortable so he bowed to her and agreed to meet her at a cafe near her hotel. He hurried home, changed into his ‘cool’ clothes and slid a HD video camera into his pocket then headed back out to meet her as quickly as he could.

When he got there she was already waiting. She’d undone her braid and brushed it out then wound it back into a towering bun atop her head. She wore a red dress and high heels that made her stand out in Tokyo which was largely monochrome with less bold colors and full of small people. She was unmissable.

She greeted him with a hug and a little kiss on the cheek then wiggled her phone at him. “I tried to look up ‘bookakee’ but I don’t think I spelled it right. So now I’m intrigued. I suspect it’s probably something pretty rude so I don’t want to ask just anyone. So, what is it?”

“Let’s go to dinner first, and then I’ll tell you.”

“Sly,” she said, but allowed him to take her to dinner in a traditional Japanese restaurant. He could not resist taking her to a place he knew had a server whose hair was well past her knees. It was one of the reasons he ate here.

After dinner she again pressed him to explain what he had meant by ‘bukkakke’ and he declined, offering to take her to a club instead. But he promised that, soon, he’d show her. The club was loud and crowded and her exotic (for Tokyo) look attracted plenty of curious dance partners.

She was soon accepting drinks and passing them to Hiro while she danced and he enjoyed watching her move to the music. Finally she returned to his table and collapsed. He handed her a drink he’d been watching on her behalf and she sucked it down.

“I’m done dancing,” she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever danced that much back home. You guys sure know how to show a girl a good time.”

“We like to see beautiful women having a good time,” Hiro said in her ear over the music.

“Well, this woman is ready to go home and get out of these shoes and let down my hair.”

“As long as I can watch,” Hiro said under his breath and even though the music was far too loud for her to hear him he was sure she gave him a smile and a nod. He escorted her back to her hotel. In the elevator she started asking questions again,

“It’s messy, right?”

“Hai. Yes,” Hiro answered.

“Do I have to take off my clothes?” she asked, boldly.

“Iie. No. Unless you want to,” He pulled out the compact HD camera from his pocket.

“Let’s say, it isn’t out of the question. Do you have to get naked?” She asked with a smile.

“Probably,” he admitted.

“Okay,” she said indicating that this was sort of what she thought, “I think I am getting a picture. So this ‘stuff’ comes from you?”

Hiro was beginning to feel his face burning even as he was getting aroused. “Yes,” he said.

She made a face, “It isn’t something nasty like shit or piss is it?”

Hiro was quick to reassure her, “No, no. Nothing like that.”

She nodded, “I think I know what ‘bookaki’ is then.” she said.

‘...And?’ he asked quietly.

She thought about it a while and didn’t look at him, “I can’t say I’ve never done it, and it can be a lot of fun with the right guy. Let’s say, like getting naked, it isn’t out of the question.”

Hiro reached for the camera but she placed a hand on his arm, “Without the camera if at all,” she said.

Her hand was on his wrist, which she had to bend down to reach, and it was mere centimeters from his crotch. He felt goose-flesh tingle at her touch and she looked into his eyes with surprise. He smiled wide and kissed her. The next thing he knew they were still kissing as the elevator doors opened.

She grabbed her key card from her purse and quickly opened the door. She took the camera from his hand and set it on a side-table and tossed her purse into a chair.

“Ready?” she said, “Before I lose my nerve?”

“I can’t wait,” he said.

She pulled a long stick and several clips and pins from her hair with one hand as she held the pile with the other. Then turning away from him she let go and shook her head. Her warm brown hair spun and tumbled as it escaped from the bun until it hung in a loose spiral from her head to her feet. She reached behind her and pulled to separate it and then with a toss spread it behind her.

Hiro gawked unabashedly. “私は驚いています!” he said in Japanese. A detached part of his mind realized his estimate of 2.5 meters was probably a little low.

“Like it? Well, Hiro, I’ve showed you mine, are you going to show me yours?” She turned and gathered her hair to avoid stepping on it as she approached him.

Hiro pulled his pants down in a smooth motion and his hard-on sprang free. She gave his dick an appreciative look, “Nice!” she said, “Better than I’d imagined.”

Hiro stroked it a few times as she knelt down in front of him. She took him in one hand and began to wrap her hair around him with the other, “You’ve been wanting to do this all night, haven’t you? I think this ‘bookaki’ thing ends with me covered in your cum, doesn’t it?”

Hiro was straining to hold back the explosion that felt like it might blow him in two and nodded. She snuggled his crotch with the top of her head and finally Hiro could hold on no longer. His dick shot hot liquid out across the top of her head and as she pulled back in surprise a second spasm hit square in her face with a load of white sperm. Hiro placed a hand on the wall to steady himself and felt successive shocks that dribbled into the hair she had wrapped around him and on the hair that was on the floor piled at his feet.

Penny blinked a few times and laughed, “Wow, you really were ready!”

Hiro reached for his pants and started to apologise. He figured he could get out of here and back home before she could follow him. But he stopped in mid-tug. Penny had sat back on her heels and was now rubbing off the cum on her face with her hair. She lifted the mass carefully and handed it to him to hold.

“I need to be careful,” she said, “That cum will ruin this dress.”

While Hiro leaned against the wall holding the better part of nearly a half-kilo of hair while she gingerly removed her dress while trying not to get it messy. Hiro reflexively massaged the bundle feeling the semen start to bind together the strands as he stood there. Soon she kicked the dress to the back of the room.

“That should be far enough, although...” she looked at Hiro’s dick which was starting to harden.

Hiro looked at her lean athletic figure standing there in a lacy red bra and g-string underwear. Her breasts were enormous by Japanese standards but only largish by American standards if Television could be trusted. Her hair was now glistening in places and flowing loosely in others and her makeup was now smeared and she had drooling runs of cum running down the sides of her head.

She lead Hiro to the bed and pushed him back and tossed her mane over his body and took him into her mouth. Soon he was releasing a repeat performance onto her tits and neck and she rubbed it her hair over it until it was plastered to her torso.
Hiro panted as he laid there, he too was plastered with hair and semen and sweat. He became aware of a tugging and looked up to see that Penny had discarded the bra and panties and was pulling on his clothes trying to get them off him.

With his assistance the deed was soon done. She piled her hair into his crotch and massaged him through the pile and although it was painfully sensitive he could not bring himself to resist. “Am I doing it right?” she asked and he could only exclaim, “Hai!”

When Penny had wrung a third load from Hiro she laid down next to him and said “This was certainly messy. You planning to stay and get me cleaned up?”

He turned and smiled at her, “As long as you don’t get angry at me.”

“Why would I get angry? I had fun,” she said.

“Because the camera over there was recording the whole thing.”

She sat bolt upright and looked at the unblinking red LED recording light. “Shit,” she said and was silent for a long few seconds. Then, “Fuck it. Just promise me that you won’t put it on the Internet or sell it to anyone.”

“I promise. I’m naked in there as well. It’d be shameful. It is for my personal collection only.”

“Then let’s go,” she said, taking his hand and rising from the bed, “I need to get shampooed even though I’ve already had ‘conditioner’.”

He could not resist moving the camera to see into the shower as he passed it.
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